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Icon (Progression) 2013

An icon progression post! Even though I'm afraid there's not much of -uhm... progression.
But I love creating and looking at these kinds of posts, so here we go - my icon regre.. progression post 2013!

I only made 85 (+/- 5) icons. I actually could've posted them all in this one post. ;) But I went for a traditional progression post layout instead.

I was and am still very much focusing on coloring, cropping and working with negative space. Text and complex compositions are still exceptions. 2014 might be the year for that. ;)

I made some icons for challenges and especially focused on BatB and Castle. And If you look closely, I obviously found out about the 'Topaz Labs' tool. ;)
Icons made for movie_stillness (I miss this community!), 30 icons
Same as January. For 'moviefilmstills', I made the Captain America icon which is still one of my favorites. By my standards, a rather complex icon. In this case I draw my inspiration from one of the example icons, the fourth one. - It's all about inspiration!
Icons made for moviefilmstills, 30 icons
I obviously went to see Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (and not just once). Just wanted to pay tribute and created this icon. And tried my hand at blending! -- April... zzzZZZzzzz
After having such an icon-wise successful April I decided to apply at '20inspirations'; got accepted and made 20 icons! With the themes provided I tried to create and apply a different style (coloring, cropping, composition) for each icon. Worked out fifty-fifty.
Icons made for 20inspirations, 20 icons - Kate Beckett (Castle)
I was obviously picking up pace! Another 20 icons! Another round over at '20inspirations'. The pass-it-on-challenge was quite- challenging. But I liked it a lot and it reconfirmed that Lost is one of the most beautiful shows 'to color'. So I mainly concentrated on the cropping and coloring.
Icons made for 20inspirations, 20 icons - Kate Austen (Lost)
With the left icon it was one of these days where you want to throw down everything because half way through all you see in PS is this odd-looking 100x100px-sth. - But, follow through! Textures and coloring and shapes make the impossible possible!
August... zzzZZZzzzz -- In September, I made my current userpic and one of my favorite icons. I like the painted, pencil-y look of it. (Also, the hour of birth for the 'drop-shaped' icons.)
I saw a post about paintings created by Ivan Aivazovsky (so beautiful!). So I clearly had to icon somebody with a ship! Captain Hook was the obvious choice.
Icons made for ouat_elite
Thanks to ouat_elite, I at least managed to create one icon in November. Ch 54: Close Crop. Not my speciality, especially since I always walk the thin line between too sharp/too blurry.
Four icons! But only thanks to the new comm comics_ic (finally!) and me discovering TVD.

As I said, I'm still very focused on cropping and coloring. Slowly but surely I try to get more into complex compositions and working with text.
So, here's to a successful year 2014, with lots of creativity and motivation, and lots of icon community challenges!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

watch the community for updates

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