'Lost' Kate

50 (Challenge) Icons Jan - July

Finally! Let me fill the gap between the last and second last entry! 50 not-as-crazy-as-the-last-icon-batch icons, mostly from challenges, I made from January to July.
Thanks a lot to the challenge communities capchallenge, comics_ic, elitesimplicity, ouat_elite, the7days and thevampdiaelite! I would have made about 50 icons less this year if it hadn't been for them. ;)

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'House' Thirteen

20 icons - The Fall (movie, 2006)

Adventures in Wonderland was this rounds theme over at 20inspirations (Ch 30)! It was all about exploring the unexpected, experimenting and making 'unusual' icons, without creating a post which is most likely to win the I-don't-want-to-look-at-this-post-one-year-from-now-award.

The 20 icons are arranged in order of date of creation (I tried to create 1 to max 3 icons a day). You might notice that it gets weirder with the 12th icon. That was around the time others posted their entries and I noticed mine might not be.. experimental enough? But, most of them are pretty far away from what I normally do. I normally stop after the coloring and the first texture. ;) But this time I gave various textures, brushes and filters a try.

Apart from the inspiration post I got my inspiration from further saved textures and all the unexplored photoshop filters! Would've never found my way to the glowing edges and mosaic tiles filter if it hadn't been for this 20insp round! ;)

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Icon (Progression) 2013

An icon progression post! Even though I'm afraid there's not much of -uhm... progression.
But I love creating and looking at these kinds of posts, so here we go - my icon regre.. progression post 2013!

I only made 85 (+/- 5) icons. I actually could've posted them all in this one post. ;) But I went for a traditional progression post layout instead.

I was and am still very much focusing on coloring, cropping and working with negative space. Text and complex compositions are still exceptions. 2014 might be the year for that. ;)

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'Chuck' Sarah & Casey

20 icons - Kate Austen (Lost)

I'm obviously picking up pace! Thanks to all the icon challenges out there. In this case, special thanks to 20inspirations.
This round's challenge was Pass It On*. - My "strategy": I started making about 12 icons with some of my favorite caps. And how do you go from there? You stare at the icons in hopes of finding a matching theme. Which works in half of the cases. And then, you're busy trying to make 8 icons which fill in the gaps. Not sure that's the best way to go. ;)

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Challenge icons; large graphics

It's been over half a year! Thanks to everyone who's still sticking around, and to the new watchers :) I bring some icons I made for challenges over at ic0nfest, castle_icontest and stanakatic20n20. And some tumblr graphics I made over the past few months. Enjoy!

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