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20 icons - Kate Austen (Lost)

I'm obviously picking up pace! Thanks to all the icon challenges out there. In this case, special thanks to 20inspirations.
This round's challenge was Pass It On*. - My "strategy": I started making about 12 icons with some of my favorite caps. And how do you go from there? You stare at the icons in hopes of finding a matching theme. Which works in half of the cases. And then, you're busy trying to make 8 icons which fill in the gaps. Not sure that's the best way to go. ;)

           water           →        water/bw       →    bw/close crop    →  close crop/sad     →    sad/green
01 - 05
          green/text     →         text/purple   → purple/neg. space → neg. space/plus others → plus others/no face
06 - 10
      no face/blue     →       blue/profile      →        profile/hair        →      hair/scared      →  scared/bruised
11 - 15
bruised/looking down → looking down/smile → smile/making out → making out/eyes closed → eyes closed
16 - 20

Please do not claim the graphics as yours.
Comments and credit are very appreciated. :)

watch the community for updates
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